You might guys want to try this DIY. It is very affordable and easy to make! Here is the materials needed for this:
-Thin Foil ( I used Silver & Gold)
-Multi Page Printing
-Scotch Tape/Double Sided
*Cut the thin foil into different size of circles and then paste it into the wall and you’re done!

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DIY – Christening Back Drop


You might guys want to try it so here is the materials needed for this DIY!
-Balloons ( You can choose any color)
-Crepe Paper ( Any Color)
-Multi Page Printing for the title of the event
-Stapler & Staples

Step 1:

First, you need to attach the crepe paper in the yarn.

Step 2:

Attach the balloons in the yarn.

Step 3:

In doing Multi Page Printing you need to type your text in the Microsoft Word for example “Baby Jal’s Christening” when you’re done with your text click Ctrl + P then select properties and then select multi page and you will see there any available options

2-Up and 4-Up

Prints 2 or 4 pages on one sheet of paper. 

2×1 Poster, 2×2 Poster, 3×3 Poster, 4×4 Poster
Prints one image on multiple sheets of paper to create a larger poster. 

I used 2×2 Poster of my text.




Hi Guys, Im back! Halloween is now over and we have to look forward of what’s coming and it is CHRISTMAS!. 45 Days to go before Christmas! Are you excited? Did you start decorating your house now? Have you already decided what will be your gift for your loved ones? Well Christmas is now fast approaching. Of course I started decorating my house as well. Speaking of decorations well I have another DIY which is “Plastic Wreath” are you excited?. Let’s start!

Things to use:

  • Wire/Alambre
  • Plastic
  • Christmas Decorations


1st Step:

Twist your Wire and make it circular. You can use wire or hanger. If you use hanger then this is how you gonna do it.


2nd Step:

Attach the Plastic tie it on the wire rather. You can use different colors of plastic but I use white because our theme last Christmas is White Christmas. CTTO to the pictures that I used but I really made it last year and decorate it on our door.


3rd Step:

After attaching the plastic all over the wire then you can start decorating the Christmas Decorations that you like. You can also attach a Christmas Light.


This is the finish DIY


That’s all for today, I hope you learned something. So, start doing this now to light up your house. Thank You!

I hope guys you will like it! 🙂

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Here is my spoken poetry performed in our school for our final exam instead of having a test. There are 3 choices which is SPEECH, INSPIRATIONAL, and SPOKEN  WORD POETRY. Obviously, I choose Spoken Word Poetry because i really like to make poems. Actually I also made a tagalog spoken word poetry entitled “FAT IS INLOVE”. but, we have to used the English because it is Oral Communication. So, that’s why i made one and it is entitled “ANNOYING SOCIETY”. For sure, you can relate. TO find out what is the message or the poem is… Go check it out on my youtube channel, here is the link.

I hope guys you will like it! 🙂

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DIY – Hanging Christmas Tree!

Christmas Day is now fast approaching! Are you ready to decorate your home and make it more brighter and feel the spirit of Christmas? Here is the step by step process on how to make the Hanging Christmas Tree! 😉 Enjoy this blog!

Here’s what i used to make my Hanging Christmas Tree:

  • Cardboard/Illustration Board
  • Paint that suit your taste ( I used Green )
  • Yarn/Wire
  • Glue Gun
  • Glitters ( Optional)
  • Christmas Decoration  Related image1st Step:- Get your Cardboard or Illustration Board and cut it to a circular form.Make sure the size of the circle is going to be bigger to smaller.44159388_624062027989799_3265353147115110400_n2nd Step:Paint it out.You can also put glitters to shimmer it.44249089_2233534073600830_2992900840131395584_n3rd Step:Attach it to the yarn, string or wire.44148842_1056042201233326_3184876566773497856_n Last Step:
  • Put the Christmas Decorations Christmas lights whatever you like and want to.44333020_292109668063621_1653861768180531200_nAnd Charaaannnn! Here it goes!hanging_christams_treeAll in All, it will really make your room nice and fantastic. What are you doing now? start decorating your room and make it look fantastic! Good Luck!
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The Journey Begins

Becoming a blogger is not really my passion but, I really want to share my ideas, opinions, and experiences. When I started to do the blog it makes me astonished and it becomes my hobby. Though, sometimes I don’t really have the time to post because there are also things that I have to do like my study. But, because of my interest in this site I do really have to find time to make this.


This path that I  had started it will become my milestone to overcome challenges and achieve my goal to become a skillful blogger and gain professional recognition 🙂