Hi Guys, Im back! Halloween is now over and we have to look forward of what’s coming and it is CHRISTMAS!. 45 Days to go before Christmas! Are you excited? Did you start decorating your house now? Have you already decided what will be your gift for your loved ones? Well Christmas is now fast approaching. Of course I started decorating my house as well. Speaking of decorations well I have another DIY which is “Plastic Wreath” are you excited?. Let’s start!

Things to use:

  • Wire/Alambre
  • Plastic
  • Christmas Decorations


1st Step:

Twist your Wire and make it circular. You can use wire or hanger. If you use hanger then this is how you gonna do it.


2nd Step:

Attach the Plastic tie it on the wire rather. You can use different colors of plastic but I use white because our theme last Christmas is White Christmas. CTTO to the pictures that I used but I really made it last year and decorate it on our door.


3rd Step:

After attaching the plastic all over the wire then you can start decorating the Christmas Decorations that you like. You can also attach a Christmas Light.


This is the finish DIY


That’s all for today, I hope you learned something. So, start doing this now to light up your house. Thank You!

I hope guys you will like it! 🙂

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